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The Importance of Professional Development

Gallagher Associates believes that professional development is an essential piece of keeping an employee at the peak of his or her workforce skills. Gallagher Associates has a firm belief that employers must be dedicated to a continuous plan of workforce development. With the rapid changes in technology over the past two decades, even well-qualified, seasoned employees must maintain their proficiency and professional edge.

They believe that the most effective employees are life-long learners. Professional development activities must complement both the needs of the employee and the goals and objectives of the employer. As the standards of the professional and technical workforce continue to change, it is fundamental that employers provide employees with the proper tools to remain productive, functional, critical thinkers in today’s society.

Gallagher Associates will provide EMR and professional development workshops to corporations or institutions on-site. Ideally, students will work together in mutually supportive teams during the training. Their workshops will include techniques that cater to multiple intelligences and learning styles to ensure the most effective result for participants and their organizations.

They offer training for existing Epic customers in the following areas:

  • ClinDoc;
  • Orders;
  • OpTime;
  • HomeHealth;
  • Bedtime;
  • ASAP;
  • Radiant;
  • Cupid;
  • Grand Central;
  • Resolute HB;
  • HomeHeath Billing’
  • Security;
  • Stork; and,
  • Ambulatory.

They also offer training in McKesson, Soarian Revenue and Cerner.

If you would like a full listing of the courses Gallagher Associates offers, or would like to inquire about possible additional training, please contact us.

Computer Skills

Gallagher Associates believes that in today’s world, computer skills are no longer optional. Our expert team specializes in the provision of Microsoft Office Training. Our trainers focus on:

  • Office 2010;
  • Office 2013; and,
  • Office 2018

Gallagher Associates also offers training on the following specific programs:

  • Microsoft Excel (all levels);
  • Microsoft Word (all levels);
  • Microsoft Access (all levels);
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (all levels);
  • Microsoft Outlook (all levels);
  • Lotus Notes;
  • Word Perfect;
  • Act; and,
  • Windows

Microsoft Certifications Prep Classes are available for:

  • MOS Word Certification;
  • MOS Excel Certification;
  • MOS Access Certification;
  • MOS Outlook Certification;
  • MOS PowerPoint Certification;
  • MOS Project Certification;
  • CDIA+ Certification Prep;
  • A+ Certification Prep;
  • N+ Certification Prep; and many more.

Life Skills and Communications

Gallagher Associates is also proud to offer a wide variety of courses on life skills and communications. These courses are an excellent way for employers and employees alike to develop and hone important skills and improve their working relationships. Gallagher Associates believes that you never stop learning, and – as such – the importance of ongoing training in communications and life skills cannot be emphasized enough.

These highly valuable skills are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of audiences, including, but not limited to, the busy entrepreneur, the new or seasoned employee, and the employer looking to improve his or her workplace.

These courses are delivered in an easy to digest format taking all learning styles and preferences into consideration.

Our life skills and communications skills include (but are not limited to):

  • ESL – English as a Second Language;
  • Presentation Skills;
  • Basic Literacy;
  • Developing a Professional Image;
  • Shop Math;
  • Generational Intelligence;
  • Cultural Awareness;
  • Business Writing;
  • Leadership;
  • Communication Awareness’
  • Body Language and Facial Expressions;
  • Recruiting & Hiring Effectively;
  • Handling Objectives;
  • Coaching & Counseling Skills;
  • Managing a Diverse Workforce;
  • Conflict Management/Resolution;
  • Negotiating;
  • Customer Satisfaction Skills;
  • Performance and Productivity;
  • Cultural Diversity;
  • Successful Supervision;
  • Effective Writing;
  • Decision Making;
  • Human Resource Skills;
  • Communicating with Irate Customers;
  • Communication Between Levels;
  • Telephone Etiquette;
  • The Rules to Good Business;
  • Customer Relationship Management;
  • Project Management;
  • Listening: Understand and Be Understood; and,
  • Goals: Planning, Development and Implementation.

Other Course Offerings

Are you looking for additional training not listed here? Gallagher Associates is well positioned to develop training in virtually almost any area. If you or your organization are looking for additional training, please contact them today.

Their team of experts can develop and deliver an effective training program that meets your organization’s unique needs. We are well-versed in training development and delivery and would be happy to work with you.

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