Loretta Gallagher: Media

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Loretta Gallagher has collected wealth of knowledge, skills, and, of course, expertise over the years. She founded Gallagher Associates, LLC, a company specializing in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) implementation,  in 1993. The company has worked with many different clients over the years to help improve their operating systems. With a proven track record in the health care arena, Gallagher Associates provides implementation, project management, design, budgeting, planning, cutover/command leadership, training, as well as go-live leadership. Loretta Gallagher and her team understand the elements required for a smooth transition and successful implementation of new systems.

With over 25 years of experience, Loretta Gallagher shares her knowledge with various website publications. These include interview domains such as Inspirery.com and Ideamensch.com, in addition to publications like Patch and PraguePost.

In her interviews, Loretta delves into where the idea for her business emerged, how she stays productive as an entrepreneur, and past successes and achievements. She believes that collaboration and teamwork are fundamental and also that you are never too old to learn new things.

In articles, Loretta acts as a subject matter expert. She knows that although implementing a new EMR system can a difficult and long, it is a necessary process. She provides details of how new EMR systems help hospitals capitalize on their informatics teams. Gallagher Associates helps hospitals face changes head-on, ensuring a smooth transition for all employees.


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In addition to sharing her insights with publications, Loretta Gallagher writes blogs on topics surrounding the EMR industry. Because her company Gallagher Associates helps hospitals and corporations implement new IT systems, she is an educated subject matter expert. She notes that hiring a small firm to help with the transition is often better than hiring a large firm, as employees of large firms tend to lack experience.

Electronic health records (EHR) also provide a lot of advantages to Gallagher Associates’ clients. Loretta Gallagher notes that EHR allow for expedited medical visits, improved scheduling practice, centralization, as well as convenience. She also believes that artificial intelligence is helping transform clinical documentation in EHR by allowing doctors more face-to-face time with patients and less note-taking. With patients’ information all in one place, EHR also allow physicians to glean better insights about a patient’s condition.

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